Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I know, haven't posted in too long but I had to now.....

The Razr is the hardiest cell out there today.

I know, it looks all fragile and thin, especially when you got the pale pink, but here is my story of woe and amazement.

I late January, my Razr up and disappeared. I was at the 'rents when I noticed it wasn't in my purse. I tore about their house, my purse, my car, drove all the way to my apartment and looked there, drove back to their house and looked, and called Fortinos to see if I dropped it there. Nothing. That was a cold Saturday, with an even colder Saturday night, and Sunday.......

Monday I got thee to the Bell store and got myself an new Samsung m500 with my $200 credit. I still had to fork out $100, and Bell later dinged me $35 "upgrade fee" (which they don't TELL you about. Bastards! I called and complained and we worked it out. Still don't like 'em).

I got used to the new phone, it's tiny size, even smaller memory card, and it's cool features, but I stilled pined for my little pink friend (esp. since it sync so nice with my PC. Damn Samsung for not making sync software!).

One day to weekends ago, the parents called. Dad pulled into the driveway and saw a pink cell phone! He didn't know who it belonged to, but my brother told him my tale of way. I said I'd get it Monday. No rush, I thought, it's prolly dead anyway.

My pink friend came home with me last week Monday. I plugged it into the charger to see what would happen......it started charging! I got excited. I decided to turn it on and it came on and found the Bell network. I made a call to see what would happen......a Bell automated message telling me to phone them!


It still syncs, takes pics, holds a charge for more than an week, the mic works as it recognizes voice commands, it's ALL there baby!

I thought about keeping it, but aside from the syncing annoyance, it's got more features and I prefer the size.

SOOOOOO.....as much as I love my pink Razr, I think it will find a new life with a new owner after an eBay auction. I say this now but I could change my mind.........

The Samsung is an awesome phone.......but the pink is so cute........


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