Monday, January 08, 2007


Here is a question that was brought up by one of my cousins over the holidays (I'm parapharsing a bit 'cause I don't remember the exact wording):

Where did sexy go, and who designated Justin Timberlake to bring it back?

If you have the answer, just throw it in the comments sections. If we put our heads together, we can figure it out.

Happy New Year!

Yes, I know it's a week late, but better late then never.....

So I'm back from Jamaica! It was fun...and hot. I went to spend Christmas with the family, and the added bonus was my cousin got married on December 23rd. The wedding was good, the reception OK, the food poisoning the next day....not good at all. I didn't get it, but I know quite a few people that were suffering. I have a lot of pics of the big day, that (hopefully) I will get around to posting soon. I also have drunken New Year's pics. Well actually, at the time the pics were taken, no one was drunk. In fact only one person got drunk (10+ drinks in 2 hours will do that). Anyway, must post pics!

New Years Resolutions (Don't know why I bother)
  1. Lose weight: just a little, don't want to be all Nicole Ritchie-like
  2. Work out at least 3 nights a week
  4. Go through yarn bins and get rid of stuff that has absolutely no plan, nor any hope of a plan.
  5. Sew more, quilt more
I think that's it. Five is often enough. Oh wait, there is one more:
Post on blog more often