Saturday, November 11, 2006

One Big-Ass update

As I haven't posted in a while, I figure I'll stuff a bunch of items into one post!

1) I went on the TTC Knit-A-Long on October 28th. I was on the North team and we hit AlterKnits (awesome new store at St.Clair W and Oakdale. They even serve food!), Knitomatic (Where Haley was kind enough to give us a goody bag of sock yarn and Reese Peanut butter cups), and Lettuce Knit (where our Sophie went nuts on the Lorna's Laces......again).

As for my swag, I didn't spend too much, just enough. And I bought no "random yarn" (def: yarn that you buy with no project in mind, just cause 'it's pretty' or 'it's on sale'. this yarn usually spends a LOT of time in your stash).

Check out the picks of my coat, Elvis (yes he knits!), and Sophie's mountain on Sophie's blog.

2) Socks are done! YAY my first pair of socks for me. I promise to post a pic later.

3) Work is busy. TOO BUSY. At least I am getting overtime pay so I can cover my aforementioned knit-a-long swag.

4) Just started a shawl to wear to my cousin Trevor's wedding next month. I still have to start sewing the dress (no, I am not knitting a dress. That would be extra stupid crazy).

That's it for now! Off to Queen Street to get rattail cord for my dress (thou shall not go to Romni, thou shall not go to Romni....)