Monday, October 30, 2006

Creativ Festival Goodness

The Creativ Festival was many weekends ago (I know, extra-slow blogger. I try). I went on a Saturday, which is unusual for me. I usually go on a Thursday or Friday night to avoid fabric-snatching old ladies, but I took 2 classes. The first was on machine knitting, which was very good. Makes me want to get a decent knitting machine, but I think I will master the $2-garage-sale Classic Bond first. The second class was continental knitting (I'm a right-handed thrower, like most in these parts). It takes a while to get the tension sorted out, but once you do, knitting is a breeze. Purling, however, leaves something to be desired.

As for the "show" itself: almost no knitting stuff. As usual, quilter's stuff was out in full force. So I loaded up on quilting and sewing stuff, and only got 3 knitting-related items: Addi Turbos (for $12 from Headwaters Wool) and 2 magazines.

OOOOHHHH!! And I was under budget to boot!

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